Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Interview with Margie Lawson

Many of you know writing teacher extraordinaire Margie Lawson. If you don't--get to know her. She teaches fiction with amazing insights.

Today on the Five Scribes blog Margie Lawson interviews me about Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets an Novelist Can Learn From Actors. (Margie guest posts once a month on FSB.) It's an in-depth interview looking at various concepts I cover in Getting Into Character. Readers can leave questions in the comments section, and I'll pop in a couple times during the day to answer. The interview covers such issues as:

o Depicting chaos in a scene
o Subtexting in dialogue (when what's spoken ain't what's meant)
o The Four Ds of plot structure
o How a character's Desire drives the entire novel
o Portraying multi-level characters
o Creating characters from the inside out

Those who have read Getting Into Character often have follow-up questions. This is your chance for answers. Those who haven't read GIC can get a good taste of what the book is about--and likely learn something about writing fiction along the way.

Go here for the interview. Note: since my posts are always published the previous night (so East Coasters can read first thing in the morning), at time of this posting my interview is not yet up on FSB. It will be up Wednesday morning.

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