Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June '09 List of Today's Word

Who's gonna tackle using at least six of these in a sentence? The highly creative will use at least eight...

EPIGONE (EP-uh-gohn) noon--an inferior imitator of a distinguished writer, philosopher, musician, or artist.

CHIMERICAL (ki-MER-uh-cul) adj.--unreal, existing only as the product of wild, unrestrained imagination.

SIMULACRUM (sim-uh-LAKE-rum) adj:--a representation of something, an image; a superficial likeness.

PECKSNIFFIAN (PEK-SNIFF-ee-un) adj.--marked by unctuous hypocrisy; selfish & corrupt behind seeming benevolence.

CONTUMELIOUS (kon-tuh-MEE-li-us) adj--insolently abusive and humiliating.

BOMBINATE (BOM-buh-nate) verb--to buzz or drone.

PERENDINATE (puh-REN-din-ate) verb--to put off until the day after tomorrow.

DELITESCENT (de-li-TES-unt) adj.--lying hidden.

GADARENE (GAD-uh-REEN) adj.--rushing precipitously forward; engaged in headlong flight.

POLYSEMOUS (puh-LI-suh-mus) adj.--having many meanings.

CELERITY (su-LARE-i-tee) adj.--rapidity of motion or action; swiftness, speed.

DARKLING (DARK-ling) adj.--uncannily or threateningly dark or obscure.

CONCINNITY (kun-SIN-ni-tee) noun--a studied elegance and ease in style of expression.

ACARPOUS (AY-car-pus) adj.--not producing fruit; sterile.

MOIROLOGIST (moy-ROL-uh-jist) noun--a hired mourner.

PELLUCID (puh-LOO-sid) adj.--permitting maximum light so one can see without distortion; very easy to understand.

LUCUBRATE (LOO-kyoo-brate) verb--to work, write, or study laboriously, esp. at night; to write learnedly.

OVERSLAUGH (O-vur-slaw) verb--to pass someone over in favor of another, as in a promotion.

SUBINTELLIGITUR (sub-in-tull-IDG-i-tur) noun--something implicitly understood but not stated.

COEVAL (koh-EE-vul) adj.--of the same age or duration; occuring at the same time/era.

VERTIGINOUS (ver-TIDGE-i-nus) adj.--afflicted with dizziness; tending to cause dizziness.

LACHRYMOSE (LOCK-ruh-mose) adj.--fit to bring tears or induce sadness.

DERACINATE (duh-RASS-un-ate) verb--to pull out by the roots; to remove from one's environment.

BORBORYGMUS (BOR-buh-RIG-mus) noun--intestinal gurgling.

CHTHONIC (THAWN-ick) adj:--dwelling in or relating to the underworld; relating to hellish spirits.

THROTTLEBOTTOM (THROT-tul-BOT-tum) noun--an innocuously inept and futile person in public office.

ACULEATE (uh-KYU-lee-ut) adj.--marked by incisiveness; pointed, stinging.

CADUCITY (kuh-DYU-si-tee) noun--perishableness, transitoriness; a feebleness from age, such as senility.

IMPUDICITY (im-pyu-DISS-i-tee) noun--shameless, immodest.

SACCADIC (suh-KAH-dic) adj.--characterized by sudden movement; jerky.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE EXPOSURE! I've ready EVERYthing you've written and haven't been disappointed in ANY of them!!!!

Hannah said...

Karen cringed as her contumelious boss launched into his daily rant over her news article, calling her an epigone with acarpous writing that didn't satisfy the readers, threatening to overslaugh her at the next business promotions meeting (his saccadic hands flinging about the entire time); but gradually her nervous borborygmus faded, and his lachrymose and aculeate words dulled until they only bombinated in her ears, while she indulged in chimerical thoughts of standing up to Henry Whittaker and telling him that she was not a throttlebottom, and just how she spent every spare second lucubrating news stories for her next article.

Writing these sentences reminds me of the paragraphs in A Tale of Two Cities!

Jenny said...

My brain is in need of more coffee before I attempt using the words but I can't wait for school to start again so I can add these to my sesquipedalian word wall. Oh, they are gonna love these!

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Anonymous, thank you. Hannah--yay for you!