Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September '09 List of Today's Word

Here are September's big, beautiful words. Dare ya to create a sentence using at least six of them.

ALGETIC (al-JET-uk) adj.-relating to or causing pain.

CLAQUE (KLACK) noun-group hired to applaud at a performance; a group of demonstrative or self-seeking supporters.

EUTROPHIC (YOO-tru-fic) adj.-relating to or being in a well-nourished condition.

CASUISTIC (KAW-zshu-WIS-tik) adj.-of or based upon actual cases or case histories.

EXCRESCENCE (ex-KRES-unts) noun-an abnormal outgrowth; an excessive increase.

FANTOD (FAN-tod) noun-state of irritability or tension; state of acute distress; violent or irrational outburst.

STRUTHIOUS (STRU-thee-us) adj.--of or relating to the ostrich.

SKEUOMORPH (SKYU-uh-MORF) noun--an ornament.

GEMEINSCHAFT (guh-MINE-shuft) noun-spontaneous relationship with strong reciprocal bonds within a community.

SAPROPHYTIC (sa-pro-FIT-ik) adj.-obtaining nourishment by absorbing decayed organic material.

ENCOMIUM (un-KOH-mee-um) noun-an often formal expression of warm or high praise; a eulogy.

NUNCUPATIVE (NUN-coo-PAY-tiv) adj.--stated aloud, oral.

PANGLOSSIAN (PAN-glus-SEE-un) adj.--optimistic. (From Pangloss, optimistic tutor in Voltaire's Candide.

ANTIPHRASIS (an-TIF-ruh-sus) noun--use of a word in opposite of its meaning, usually for humor or irony.

HYPAETHRAL (hy-PEE--thrul) adj.--open to the air, outdoor.

QUONDAM (KWAN-dum) adj.--having been formerly; former or sometime.

ASYNDETON (uh-SIN-du-TAHN) noun--omission of conjunction between words/clauses (ex.--I came, I saw, I conquered).

SENECTITUDE (suh-NEK-ti-TOOD) noun--old age.

OBNUBILATE (ob-NYU-bi-LATE) verb--to cover or obscure, to cloud; to make cloudy of mind.

MEPHITIC (muh-FIT-ick) adj.--offensive to the sense of smell.

PERTINACIOUS (pert-uh-NAY-shus) adj.--stubbornly inflexible; hard to dismiss or bring to an end.

ESPIAL (uh-SPY-ul) noun--the act of spying or watching; observance.

FULIGINOUS (FYU-li-gin-us) adj.--containing soot, sooty; clouded or obscure, murky.

CENOBITIC (SEN-uh-BIT-ick) adj--living in common as a member of a religious group. Example: nun or monk.

BANDERSNATCH (BAN-dur-snatch) noun--a wildly grotesgue or bizarre individual.

ABECEDARIAN (AY-bee-see-DARE-ee-un) noun--one who is learning something/a novice; one who teaches the alphabet.

BAHUVRIHI (bah-huv-REE-hee) noun--a compound word, such as graybeard, blockhead, barefoot.

WHIGMALEERIE (whig-muh-LI-ree) noun--a whim or fancy; an odd or fanciful contrivance.

EPISTAXIS (ep-uh-STACK-sus) noun--a nosebleed.

GALIMATIAS (GAL-i-MAY-shus) noun--confused and meaningless talk.

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Vonnie said...

I love your daily words! I don't know how often I'll remember them to use them in my writing, but I'm sure some are sinking in!

Ane Mulligan said...

Even if I managed to write that sentence, I wouldn't know what it meant. ;)

Hannah said...

Jeanne continued her galimatias as she attempted to hang the skeuomorph wreath above her mantle, her fantod obnubilating her ability to hook the wire on the nail -- she could not believe that Jason had called her pertinacious; true, she was a little hard-headed, but he was a bandersnatch anyway, so who was he to talk? -- and her nuncupative rant distracting her from the fact that her foot was slipping, until it was too late -- she crashed to the ground, her foot smacking the hearth with an algetic crack.

Ooh, that was definitely broken.

Linda B said...

The mephitic and pertinacious bandersnatch was in a fantod in spite of his senectitude, after being caught in an act of espial during the hypaethral performance of the cenobitic sect who had vowed to live a life of algetic misery.