Tuesday, November 03, 2009

October '09 List of Today's Word

The quinquagenarian, also quite the deipnosophist, worked up a hidrosis as he sought to gorgonize his two dinner mates, one asthenic and one pyriform.

Your turn.

GORGONIZE (GAR-gun-IZE) verb--to have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect upon.

HYPOCORISM (hy-POCK-uh-RIZ-um) noun--a pet name or term of endearment.

CREPEHANGER (KRAPE-hang-er) noun--one who takes a pessimistic view of things; a killjoy.

PESTIFEROUS (pes-TIFF-er-us) adj.--dangerous to society; carrying infection; annoying, irritating.

HIDROSIS (hy-DRO-sus) noun--excretion of sweat; perspiration.

DEIPNOSOPHIST (dipe-NAH-suh-fist) noun--a person skilled in table talk.

QUINQUAGENARIAN (KWIN-kwa-juh-NARE-ee-un) noun--a person 50 to 59 years old.

PLATITUDINARIAN (PLA-ti-tu-di-NARE-ee-un) noun--one given to speaking platitudes.

ASTHENIC (us-THEN-ick) adj.--characterized by slender build and slight muscular development.
RARA AVIS (RAH-ruh-AY-vis) noun--a rare person or thing; rarity.

SLUGABED. (SLUG-uh-BED) noun--one who stays in bed too long; sluggard.

TARTUFFE (TAR-tuf) noun--religious hypocrite. From Tartufe, hypocritical hero in Moliere's play Tartufe.

SPHERAL (SFIR-ul) adj.--resembling a sphere, especially in perfection of symmetry or well-rounded excellence.

INSESSORIAL (IN-suh-SOR-ee-ul) adj.--perching, or adapted for perching.

DESCRY (duh-SKRIH) verb--to spy out or perceive the distant, uncertain, or obscure through careful observation.

ANTHROPOPATHIC (AN-thro-PO-puh-thik) adj.--ascribing human feelings to something that is not human.

SHRIVE (SHRIVE) verb-to hear confession and give absolution in the sacrament of penance; to pardon from guilt.

COLPORTEUR (KAL-PORD-ur) noun-a peddler of books, especially of bibles and religious books and tracts.

PYRIFORM (PY-ri-FORM) adj.--pear-shaped.

MARGARITACEOUS (mar-guh-ri-TAY-shus) adj.-having a satiny iridescence like that of a pearl; pearly.

PAVONINE (PAV-uh-NINE) adj.-relating to or resembling the peacock.

ANALYSAND (uh-NAL-uh-sand) noun--one who is undergoing psychoanalysis.

SATYAGRAHA (suh-TYAH-gru-huh) noun-reliance on truth; method of reform through goodwill and nonviolent resistance.

ANALECTA (AN-uh-LECK-tuh) noun-leftovers from a feast; selected written passages; literary gleanings.

TENDENTIOUS (ten-DEN-chus) adj.-motivated to promote a particular cause, biased; having a particular tendency.

AMPHIGORY (AM-fuh-GORE-ee) noun-nonsense verse/composition: writing of apparent meaning that proves meaningless.

TORREFY (TOR-i-FIH) verb--to dry or roast with fire; to scorch.

ANTINOMY (an-TI-nuh-mee) noun--an apparent or real opposition, contradiction, conflict, or contrast; a paradox.

CALLITHUMP (KAL-i-THUMP) noun--a noisy, boisterous parade.

CHARTACEOUS (kar-TAY-shus) adj.--resembling paper; made of paper.

PALINDROME (PAL-in-DROME) noun-word or sentence that reads the same backward & forward (ex.-"wets stew).

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Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

I already said this on facebook but I think the word of the day is the best thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe not but it certainly is fun. Here goes...

The analecta consisted of several cartaceous doxologies, and a rara avis, pavonine center piece that had a gorgonizing effect on the maid.

Ha ha, I don't know. :)

Linda B said...

Embarrassing as it was for a quinquagenarian to be a known slugabed, Muriel found herself wishing she hadn’t somehow exchanged the asthenic build of her youth for a more spheral one, especially after she was roped into portraying a pavonine beauty in the county’s annual Guy Fawke’s Day callithump, which was slated to end with the torrefying of a chartaceous effigy of the Guy.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

All right, Jessie and Linda. Waytago!

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