Monday, November 30, 2009

November '09 List of Today's Word

Go ahead--try to use at least six in a sentence. You can do it.

VATICINATION (vuh-TIS-un-A-shun) noun--something foretold, prediction or prophecy; the act of prophesying.

BLUENOSE (BLUE-nose) noun--one who advocates a rigorous moral code of personal conduct; puritan.

ORGULOUS (OR-gyu-lus) adj.--proud or haughty; showy.

CONCORDAT (kun-KOR-dot) noun--a compact between a government and a religious group; an agreement/covenant.

PHYLACTIC (fuh-LAK-tik) adj.--of or relating to defense.

MERETRICIOUS (MER-uh-TRI-shus) adj.-pertaining to a prostitute; based on pretense/insincerity; cheaply ornamental.

FAVONIAN (fuh-VO-nee-un) adj.--Of or pertaining to the west wind; mild, bland, benign.

AGITPROP (AJ-ut-prop) noun-propaganda & agitation (esp. of Communist party); dept./bureau in charge of agitprop.

OBTRUDE (ub-TROOD) trans. verb--to thrust out; to put forward or make noticed without warrant or request.

FRUCTUOUS (FRUCK-chew-us) adj.--fruitful, productive; profitable.

PREMIATE (PRE-me-ate) trans. verb--to give a prize to.

HARUSPEX (hu-RUS-peks) noun--one who foretells events by interpreting natural phenomena; one who predicts.

ECHINATE (EK-i-nut) adj.--densely covered with stiff bristles or spines, like a hedgehog.

OROTUND (OR-uh-tund) adj.--full and clear in sound, sonorous; unduly strong in delivery or style.

DISTRAIT (duh-STRAY) adj.--inattentive; anxiously divided or withdrawn in attention.

SOLIPSISM (SO-lep-SIZ-um) noun-- extreme concern with the self at the expense of social relationships; egoism.

ENCEINTE (an-SANT) adj.--being with child, pregnant.

PROEM (PRO-em) noun--preliminary to a piece of writing/preface; introductory comment before a speech.

KERYGMA (kuh-RIG-muh) noun--preaching of the Christian gospel by apostles or early church.

COMMINUTE (KOM-i-NYUT) verb--to reduce to minute particles or fine powder; to pulverize.

FICTILE (FIC-tul) adj.--molded into an art work or artifact, as in pottery; capable of being led or directed.

PUISSANCE (PYU-uh-sunce) noun--ability to coerce or sway; controlling influence; strength, power.

SITUS (SIH-dus) noun--the place where something exists or originates.

DEPREDATE (DEH-pruh-DATE) verb--to lay waste; to prey upon; to plunder.

EUPHONIOUS (yu-FOH-nee-us) adj.--pleasing in sound.

COACERVATE (koh-AAH-sur-VATE) verb--to gather together in a heap or group; collect.

CALLIOPEAN (kuh-LIH-uh-PEE-un) adj.--resembling the sound of a calliope, loud and piercing.

IATROGENIC (eye-a-tro-GEN-ick) adj.--induced by a physician, esp. through autosuggestion during examination.

SOMATIC (so-MAAH-tic) adj.--of or relating to the body, physical.

EIDOLON (eye-DOH-lun) noun--an unsubstantial image, a phantom; an ideal figure, an examplar.

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Anonymous said...

A man with a power of puissance preached a kerygma that divided the orgulous bluenoses from they that were favonian, distrait, and solipsismic.

How was that?


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Waytago, Kara!

Marti Verlander said...

The vaticination of the orgulous bluenose and the haruspex resulted in phylactic shock that destroyed the concordat, a puissance that depredated the city, leaving it a broken eidolon of its former glory.

jason said...

Cleveland's biggest orgulous bluenose, Belvedere Butler, presented his agitprop in such an orotund manner that he proceeded to comminute any hope of fructuous discussion.

Anonymous said...

[Reads Brandilyn's comment. Face alights with smiles. Then reads the next two and face fades to a jealous darkness] lol I need more practice at this. Thanks for the thumbs up, Brandilyn!


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