Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Know You've Had a Bad Day When ...

... decides to create a T-shirt based on your latest and greatest public relations disaster.

Buy the T-shirt here. now lists Toyota in its "PR Hall of Shame"--the worst PR disasters that put public health at risk.

And we authors complain about having to deal with this whole branding marketing thing.

Mind you, I love the Toyota brand. We've been a two-Lexus car family and have sworn by them. Drive them out of the showroom--and they're perfect. Run forever. So I'm really sad to see all this happen. Still, I have to shake my head over Toyota. I'm not sure they're getting this PR disaster issue. Have you seen the new rash of TV ads they're running? Showing all these different happy people buying their cars. I'd like to know who the brilliant marketing mind was that came up with the tagline at the end of one of those ads:

Moving forward.

On Another Subject:

My goodness. We forgot to pick a winner for last Photo Friday. Many captioned but few voted. Please read the captions and place your vote now.

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