Tuesday, May 04, 2010

April '10 List of Today's Word

Here's the list of words from April. I challenge you to use at least six in a sentence.

DIVAGATE (DIH-vuh-GATE) intrans. verb--to wander about or stray from one place or subject to another.

STRAMINEOUS (struh-MIN-ee-us) adj.--having the nature of, or resembling straw.

INCONNU (ink-uh-NYU) noun--an unknown person, a stranger.

TENSIVE (TEN-siv) adj.--relating to, or causing tension.

EMBONPOINT (am-bohn-PWAH) noun--plumpness, stoutness. (French)

PETROUS (PEH-trus) adj.--resembling stone, especially in hardness.

PRECISIAN (pri-SI-zhun) noun- one who stresses scrupulous adherence to a strict standard of religious observance.

NOVERCAL (nuh-VER-kul) adj.--relating to, or characteristic of a stepmother.

MEPHITIS (muh-PHIT-is) noun--an offensive or poisonous smell, a stench.

DECLIVITOUS (duh-KLIV-i-tus) adj.--having a considerable downward slope.

SNAFFLE (SNAF-ful) noun--a light or gentle restraint or check.

PANEGYRIC (PAN-uh-JEER-ik) noun--formal or elaborate praise or eulogy; a laudatory discourse.

HOMOLOGATE (hoh-MAL-uh-GATE) trans. verb--to agree with or sanction; to confirm officially.

ONOMATOMANIA (ON-uh-MAH-tuh-MAY-nee-uh) noun-uncontrollable obsession to repeat certain words/sounds.

LENTIGINOUS (len-TIJ-i-nus) adj.--freckled.

NIHILARIAN (nih-hi-LARE-ee-un) noun: a person who performs useless work.

SPREZZATURA (SPRATE-tsuh-TOO-rah) noun--perfect conduct or performance without apparent effort.

GEM√úTLICH (guh-MOOT-likh) adj.--warm and congenial; pleasant or friendly.

ANTIPODAL (an-TIP-uh-dul) adj.--situated at the opposite side of the earth; diametrically opposite.

GIMCRACK (JIM-krak) noun--something characterized by flimsy or tricky ingenuity rather than worth.

SCIENTER (SI-en-ter) noun-a degree of knowledge that makes a person legally responsible for an act.

PRESTIDIGITATION (PRES-ti-di-gi-TAY-shun) noun-sleight of hand; skilled in deceitful cleverness.

EQUIPOISE (EK-wi-POIZ) noun--a state of equilibrium or balance; a counterbalance.

STELLIFEROUS (stel-LIF-er-us) adj.--having star-shaped markings.

SIGINT (SIG-int) noun--info obtained through intercepting transmission signals. (From SIGnals INTelligence.)

SUPPOSITITIOUS (sup-POZ-i-TISH-us) adj.--substituted with fraudulent intent/counterfeit; hypothetical.

PRIMAVERAL (pre-muh-VER-ul) adj.--of or relating to early spring.

PULLULATE (PUL-yu-LATE) intrans. verb--to show signs of growth; to increase rapidly; to swarm or teem.

SERPIGINOUS (sur-PIJ-uh-nus) adj.--healing in one portion while continuing to spread in another.

JOQSANUE (JOHK-sawn-YU) noun--an unexpected turn of events caused by someone else; a prank. (Used on April Fool's Day)

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