Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May '10 List of Today's Word/Photo Friday Winner

Before we get to the list of Today's Word, the winners of our last Photo Friday (due to a tie) are Jenn M. and Lisa Keck, with these clever captions:

I'm all for shopping "green," but this might be going too far. -- Jenn M.

Tired of being tossed in the bottom of a grocery cart, the frozen creamed veggies took revenge. -- Lisa Keck

Jenn and Lisa, e-mail me with your street address and choice of one of my novels. Give a choice A and B, in case we don't have your first choice in stock.

Now--the Today's Word list from May. Anyone want to tackle using at least six of these words in a sentence?

CANOODLE (kuh-NOOD-ul) verb--pet, caress, fondle.

EQUIPOLLENT (EK-wi-POL-lent) adj.--equal in force, power or validity.

FUG (fug) noun--an odorous emanation; the stuffy atmosphere of a hot, crowded, poorly ventilated space.

LOUCHE (loosh) adj.--cross-eyed, squint-eyed.

FLUMMERY (FLUM-er-ee) noun--a soft jelly or porridge; something poor, trashy, or not worth having.

EPICENE (EP-i-seen) adj.--having characteristics typical of the other sex; lacking vigor.

DERACINATE (de-RAS-en-ate) verb--to pull out by the roots; to separate from one's environment.

ASSIZE (uh-SIZE) noun--an instruction, decree or enactment made at a legislative sitting or assembly. 

BOMBILATION (bom-bi-LAY-shun) noun--a buzzing, droning sound.

PARLOUS (PAR-lus) adj.--characterized by uncertainty, fraught with danger or risk. 

EPINICIAN (eh-puh-NISH-un) adj.--celebrating victory; or noun--a song of victory.

INEXPUGNABLE (in-eks-PUG-nuh-bul) adj.--incapable of being taken by assault or subdued by force.

SPOONERISM (SPOON-ur-izem) noun--transposition of usually initial sounds of two or more words.

RUBE (roob) noun--awkward, unsophisticated and usually gullible rustic person, ignorant of urban ways.

EX NIHILO (eks-NEE-hel-lo) adj.--from or out of nothing. 

DRAGOON (druh-GOON) noun--a mounted infantryman of the 17th and 18th centuries.

SOPORIFIC (sop-uh-RIF-ik) adj.--causing or tending to cause sleep.

SENTIENT (SENCH-ent) adj.--capable of sensation and at least rudimentary consciousness.

GYNARCHY (GY-nar-kee) noun--government by women.

ESTIVATE (ES-tuh-vayt) verb--to spend a summer usually at one place, sometimes in relative inactivity.

ANOMIE (AN-uh-mee) noun--a state of society in which normative standards of belief have disappeared.

EPICRISIS (eh-PIK-ruh-sus) noun--a critical or analytical summing up, esp. of a medical case history.

DECRETAL (duh-KREED-ul) noun--an authoritative order, a decree.

PERVICACIOUS (pur-vi-KAY-shus) adj.--very obstinate.

RELUCT (ruh-LUKT) intrans. verb--to struggle against; to feel/show repugnance or reluctance.

NULLAH (NUL-la) noun--a watercourse that's often dry; a gully, ravine.

CONTEXTURE (kun-TEKS-chur) noun--the arrangement and union of the constituent parts of a thing.

EFFLEURAGE (ef-flu-RAGH) noun--a light stroking movement used in massage.

CONATION (ko-NAY-shun) noun--an inclination or drive to act purposefully.

PHLEGETHON (FLE-guh-THON) noun, capitalized--a river of fire in Hades.
ECDYSIAST (ek-DIZ-ee-AST) noun--a stripteaser.

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Anonymous said...

I struggled to breath through the fug as the louche dragoon lifted a hand to canoodle my hair and whispered in my ear "Beautiful, clever, pervicacious rebel that you are, you are a rube for thinking you were inexpugnable from my decretal."


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Brava, Kara!