Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Captured on Camera

So, here’s the gal all suited up and ready to snowmobiling. Ain’t she cute.

Everything was fine as long as we went on wide roads. But we ended up on this trail that quickly turned very narrow. There were two or three moguls in a row like humps of a camel, each about four feet high. Being the hotdog I am—not—I went up the first one at about minus two miles an hour. Down the other side. It happened so fast. I think I hit a bump at the bottom. That jounced my body up and forward, and forced my thumb against the throttle. Which basically floored the snowmobile up the next hill.

Two things amaze me about this photo. One—I’d figured the snowmobile was on its left side, because I fell off to the left. But it’s on its right side. Second, I’m exactly parallel to it, but facing 180 degrees the opposite direction.

There are runners on each side of the snowmobile to rest your feet on. At the front of those runners is a portion that has an outside panel, so your foot can be in this three-sided area. Evidently the snowmobile veered over the hill and tilted to the right. I got thrown to the left. With my left foot caught in that compartment, and the weight of that big machine careening in the opposite direction, my body was wrenched fully backward. Somewhere in that process (apparently not nearly soon enough) the foot came free


This is why the outside break in my ankle is not a clean break. In fact the bones are pulled apart. And why the inside ligament is so badly torn. And why I had to have a plate and eight screws, six holding on the plate, one at an angle to hold the two parts of the bone together, and a long one going all the way from the fibula to the tibia.

And I swear, the whole thing happened in two seconds.

In my Psalm reading this morning I was in the 140’s. Psalm 147:10-11 says:

He does not delight in the strength of the horse;
He does not take pleasure in the legs of a man.
The Lord favors those who fear Him,
Those who wait for His lovingkindness.

I like that verse 10.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds horrible, BC. Reminds me of my husband when he broke his femur in half after being drug by a galloping terrified colt being broke. The stirrup release on the saddle didn't (release), and it was the cement support of the inside rail at the training track which finally caused the thing to come off when my husband's leg ran into it and broke. He was lying in the middle of the track on his back, sat up and looked at his foot facing the wrong direction, picked up his lower leg to turn the foot the right way. EEEWWWW. Glad I didn't see it until it was over.
Praying for your perfect healing in the Name of Jesus.

T. Forkner said...

Well, if nothing else, this may somehow find a way to twist itself into a future book, no?

You are one tough lady. I'm praying you will heal quickly.

Kristy Dykes said...

I'm praying for you, B., that God will make those bones knit together faster than expected.

I soooo admire your resilience, your resolve, and your resourcefulness. You are blessed of the Lord, and He will help you through this present circumstance.

C.J. Darlington said...

Let's see. Mt. Hermon is coming up in a couple weeks. I remember the wheelchair story ...

William G. said...
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William G. said...

That last pic is scary. Thank God you weren't caught on that thing when it rolled over. Could have been so much worse. I'm so sorry about your ankle.

Follow the doc's advice and get mended up soon!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

So I'm looking at the accident picture and it looks like there are marks in the snow up and to the left of you. Did you, uh, roll? No snow visible on your coat. (Just trying to be a good detective here. ;-)

Now, about navigating the terrain at Mount Hermon ... You still planning to make it, I assume. I mean if you were there in the full throes of Lime disease, what's a not-so-little broken ankle, right?

Well, I think your walker/crutches solution is brilliant. The scooting up on your behind, not so much. LOL

Crutches and stairs aren't as hard as they may seem. I did the crutch thing--foot not touching the floor--for a month, and you get used to it.

The walker, however, does allow for carrying things in bags. My mom even got good at balancing a tray on it!

God's care for you, BC.


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Nicole, double owie for your hubby!

Becky, I will not be going to Mt. Hermon. With Lyme I could at least get off a mobilized cart and hobble a little. Now I'd have to crutch around on uneven ground, and I just don't feel safe doing that. I sure hate to miss, though. I really do.

Rachel Hauck said...

When I first saw the pictures, I thought, "Wow, fun, B!"

Then I read the rest! Ouch! Praying for a fast healing. No complications.

But you know,, I like your gusto!


batgirl said...

Brandilyn, first, you DO look cute all suited up (I'm guessing you won't put that outfit on again anytime soon though.)Your description made me cringe- even more than the scary parts in your books- because this is non-fiction. Perfect Psalm for you. Praise to our unbreakable God.

Richard L. Mabry, MD said...

Glad you didn't break a wrist or hand--this way you can at least write while you convalesce. And think of the material you've already picked up. I can hardly wait to see how this gets into the next book.
My daughter, Ann, sustained a fractured ankle a couple of years ago, so Kay and I can identify with a lot of what you're going through. I applaud your ingenuity. Just don't hurt yourself bumping on the stairs.
Ann and Benny, the newlyweds, are celebrating spring break in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They called tonight, to report that they went snowmobiling today! Glad they didn't let me know until it was over.
Heal fast and be well.

Eden said...

Brandilyn, I feel bad that you were injured, but I'm glad you are surviving.
I don't like to hold still in one place very long, either.
I'm leaving tomorrow to go down to TX for Steve's BMT graduation! Please pray for safe passage.
Great Psalm!

Jeremy said...

This scripture shows how much we need Jesus Christ. Be carefull going after "youthfull lusts" LOL


Susanne said...

Ow, ow, ow. Praying it will heal very quickly!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Can't say as I'm surprised that you're opting to stay home from MH, Brandilyn, but it won't be the same without you! [Hope that doesn't make me sound like a sycophant! LOL]