Friday, February 22, 2008

Brain Dead

Ever found yourself in a brain dead state? Such was mine yesterday as I tried to think of what to write for a Friday post. I found myself staring at the screen. Thinking, really now, I still have pages to write for today. On my contracted book. Which is due in a week.

It was raining yesterday in the morning. And the day before. And the day before that. By Thursday afternoon the sun had come out. My brain remained clouded. Maybe it was just waterlogged. Whatever the reason, I came up with no subject except this one.

I need a vacation. I need my book to write itself. I need a magic wand. I need chocolate.

No, wait, I've already been eating plenty.

I need the weekend. Which is coming. Only it's not a weekend of rest for me. Not when I'm this close to a deadline.

I need ... to go write those pages on my book.

Ah, me. And I wanted to be a writer...


Chawna Schroeder said...

And no one seems to warn you that this is part of the job until it's too late to back out...or was that because I wasn't listening? :o)

Grady Houger said...

I think a lot about motivation/inspiration and think it’s often very personal. But in general isn’t there a basic want you are hoping to fill as a result of writing? I try to blog everyday now, and find comments most motivating, because I want to be admired. I also want to get better at writing by constant practice. Now, you may already have admiration and writing skills, but there will be something that will let you say ‘This is why I HAVE to write.’

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Grady, thanks for the whap up side the head. I'm not sure that's what you intended your comment to be, but it worked that way.

Of course I want to be a writer. What in the heck else would I do? I pursued my fiction writing career for 10 years before I earned a dime at it or sold a book. So I should hardly be complaining. Besides, I know this is the path God wants me to walk.

Still, truth is, once a writer is contracted, and the deadlines keep coming, not every day is spent in the joy of writing. Some days I can answer your question of why I want to write only by saying--because I have a deadline and therefore have no choice.

I've found, and am continuing to learn, that the ultimate use of whatever writing skills I have comes on those days when I'm too tired to feel creative, but create anyway.

Anonymous said...

Brandilynn, I think we writers do our best writing when we're down to the wire. It's one of those writerly quirks that keep us moving forward.
Thanks for the smile.