Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl Ads

Well, the Superbowl only comes once a year. Here's my chance to pick and pan multi-million-dollar commercials.

My picks for favorite, in order.

#1: Sobe--"Thriller" geckos, second quarter.

Hey, geckos are in. And when ya get 'em dancin' to Michael....

#2: Budweiser--Hank and the dalmation, second quarter

Rocky never looked so good.

#3: Audi--first quarter

The Godfather makes a car offer you can't refuse.

#4: FedEx--the pigeons, second quarter

Only Hitchcock used birds better.

My pans, in order:

#1: Amp Energy, fourth quarter

The writers forgot a rule of comedy: if it looks like it hurts, it's not funny

#2:, second quarter

Who wants to "follow your heart" when it's the real, pulsing, bloody organ cut from your body?


The Bridgestone commercial (third quarter) would have been better if they'd run over Gene Simmons.

As an aspiring singer, when you get a national stage like a Superbowl commercial, you might want to write lyrics a little more creative than "bum, bum, bum bum ..." (Doritos, first quarter)

The Etrade baby was cute as long as he wasn't throwing up. And what is it with clowns being so frightening?

If you haven't seen these commercials--where on earth were you yesterday? Watch them here.


Pam Halter said...

I was totally disappointed with this year's Superbowl ads. Most were just stupid.

The one that made us all laugh out loud was during the 4th quarter where the football player was singing "If you like pina colodas" and the janitor said, "I love that song, until you sang it" I think it was for American Idol. Pretty funny.

Cara Putman said...

It's funny that you mention the Bridgestone commercial. We had friends over and their reaction was the same. I think my reaction to the commercials pretty much mirrored yours. The heart one: gross!

The only thing better than watching Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl, was watching him celebrate his brother. Makes me think those parents did something right :-) It was a great game

Lynette Eason said...

I LOVED the Hank and dalmation commercial. Definitely my fave. And I totally agree on the others. I did like the Bridgestone one. Thought it was funny. The heart one?? Ditto! GROSS! What was up with that?!

Okay, just my 2 cents...:) The game was awesome...and I'm not a huge fan of football..ha. (Sorry, does that make me un-American??)


Anonymous said...

It was one of the best Super Bowl games ever, I think.

Hank=Numero Uno (I almost cried, but then I cry at anything. Almost.)

Heart thing was disgusting.

Jason said...

It wasn't Gene Simmons of Kiss - I'm pretty sure that was Alice Cooper on the road. I did like the guy's eyebrow thinking about Richard Simmons for a minute. Simmons is a good sport.

And clowns ARE creepy...

Jason said...

OH, I forgot the commercial that got the biggest laughs from our Super Bowl party, based on Jason's highly scientific research based solely on my opinion:
Shaq as jockey.

Big man on little horse? Kid picking his nose? Jockeys smacking Shaq? Need I say more.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Oh good grief. Thanks, Jason. I meant Richard Simmons-the exercise guy.

A kid picking his nose is funny? Give me dancing geckos any day.

Jockeys smacking Shaq--okay, I laughed at that.

Anonymous said...

Shaq's was funny--just not the best one. In marketing what does it mean when you make a hysterical commercial that everyone loves and remembers but can't remember the product advertised. Which is the case with me and the Shaq commercial. And one from years ago which still brings a laugh to my family "To run with the squirrels." Have no idea what they were trying to sell.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Nicole, I think the problem you mentioned is the biggest one when it comes to highly entertaining commercials. We DO remember the commercial but not the product. Ouch! After all, the goal is to sell the product ...

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Clowns are totally creepy :-(

My favorites were the screaming squirrel and people...and the Pixar commercial for the new movie!