Monday, October 13, 2008

Cross-Eyed from Computerizing

Oh, man, whatta weekend. I'm writing this Sunday night at almost midnight to post to you all for Monday. I've spent all weekend setting up my new computer. Sheesh, what a mess.

It's for a good cause, however. I got a handy-dandy small but powerful HP laptop and two docking stations--one for each home office. Once it's all set up when I travel I'll just slip the laptop out of its docking station and take it with me to the other house or wherever. Up to now I've had three computers, one for each house, plus the laptop. I've used to back them all up, so I could download a file saved on one to the other. Still, one computer will be so much easier. There have been lots of times when I've been in Idaho and wanted an email I'd recently sent from my California computer. Now no more of that.

But it's so much stuff to move over! I used back-up drive to move all the files, but still ya gotta export and import Outlook and iTunes. Ya gotta get the fancy monitor that pivots from landscape to portrait mode working. (This is one thing I haven't done yet. I'm stuck in landscape, and I absolutely love to work in portrait mode. With a 20-inch screen you can see a lot without scrolling. Great for writing books.) Ya gotta get the bluetooth mouse and keyboard working, and the internet stuff. Ya gotta get the desktop looking just the way you want it. And on and on.

I did insist on the computer being built with Windows XP, not Vista. Vista--uh-uh, I ain't goin' there. All I hear about it are bugs, bugs, bugs. The Office software is upgraded to 2007. Some nice changes in Outlook and Word.

Okay, you Mac people out there, I hear you. Knock off your smart comments. I don't want a Mac.

Ugh, computerizing. Makes me cross-eyed.


Katie Hart - Pinterest Manager said...

I bought my HP Windows XP off eBay just so I could get the operating system I wanted (that was back when the Vista phase was in full swing and you could only find XP used or refurbished). Still love it, but some of these 250GB hard drives and 2GB memories are tempting me to upgrade.

Richard Mabry said...

Kudos for getting the laptop to avoid the MCS (multiple computer syndrome). Sorry you didn't make the jump to a Mac, but then again, that's what Grace is for.

Anonymous said...

I admire your tech savvy. I have zero, zippo, zilch. But I do like the Windows XP. :)
I did wonder if you were posting today because I was up late and when I clicked on here at 11:30, there was Friday's post.

A Dusty Frame said...

I'm just letting you know that I loved your new book! I have my review up here

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Vista isn't doing well. I'm a MAC girl (I have three)--but like Richard said, that's what grace is for, right? LOL.

MOZY is great! I use that too. I heard Colleen Coble suggest it. After losing the first 86 pages of a novel I had started, I was heartbroaken, so Mozy it is! And a thumb drive, oh, and email to another account. Can we say paranoid?

Have fun with your computers.

Courtney Walsh said...

I recently switched computers and still don't have itunes switched over. I put everything onto my external hard drive and just left it there. I've found it's actually rare that I need anything from the old computer, but when I do, it's on the trusty external hard drive - and not cluttering up my new computer! Good luck though - I know what a pain it can be! :)

D. Gudger said...

You're gonna need a lot of grace since ya didn't go Mac...

Even my die-hard Windows XP lovin' hubby crossed over and now lives in Mac bliss. :) Mac finally can seamlessly run Windows programs (like auto-cad).

I have an old XP hard drive, with over a thousand itunes songs on it and pictures... if you ever figure out a good way to transfer...