Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Kind of Letter I Love to Receive

A few weeks ago I posted "Most Hurtful Reader Letter I've Received" on F&F. A lot of comments, both here and on Facebook, came in for that post. I also received private messages and e-mails. I'm glad I ran the letter. From the response, I can see God used the post in numerous peoples' lives.

Now here's a good letter, just to balance things out. This is the kind of feedback that keeps us authors slogging away at our computers.

Just a note to let you know. I started passing all of your books to my mother-in-law who lost my father-in-law last fall. She was so despondent and for a lady who was always so active, didn't feel like she had much to do anymore. Well, Exposure just thrilled her. She's an avid reader and when I said I had some inspirational suspense, she was, "Oh, okay, I'll give it a try." Welllll, she loved it and I have passed a bunch of your books to her.

Just thought I'd send you a note and let you know this has been really uplifting to her. She called today to say another book had arrived and she was so excited to get started. You're more than a writer--you have breathed a bit of excitement back into someone who thought she wouldn't have anymore thrills in this life.



Isn't that terrific?

Have you read a book lately that you really enjoyed? Perhaps it taught you something or opened your eyes regarding some issue. Or maybe a friend or family member read it, and it made a difference in his/her life. Do the author a favor and take the time to write and say so. This is easier than you might think. Most of the time you can find a way to contact the author through his/her Web site.

We novelists live in our caves much of the time. A positive response from a reader can mean a lot. Who knows--that author may recently have received a very negative letter and need to hear from someone like you.


Linda Glaz said...

Brandilynn, my heart broke when I read the hurtful letter you received. Whey we put our "art" out there, we put such a huge piece of ourselves. I once directed OKLAHOMA at a community theatre and it was done with the family in mind. A mother confronted me at the intermission and informed me her "pure" children were being subjected to "adult" material. My daughter, who is usually calmer and much more logical, told me to kindly let the woman know that she should "preview" all theatre shows by watching the movies in private, first. That way she could shield her children from such inappropriate (OKLAHOMA???) material. Perhaps the mom who was offended should have done a quick read or checked on line to see what others thought first. I'm sorry she had such a bad experience. I am so glad my mother-in-law's was so much better. You keep writing, the majority of us will keep reading. Be blessed, we are.

Lydia Smith said...

The most recent book I read, and I still go back to re-read passages, is Getting Into Character. It just gets better and better

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

How nice to hear Getting Into Character helped you, Linda. Thanks!

Lynetta said...

One book that has impacted me spiritually (even as much as reading dead theologians' works) was Web of Lies. While reading, my eyes were opened to how actively Satan weaves a web of deceit to ensnare and destroy God's people, and how easily we can become entangled. Still one of my all time favorites!

Jen Frederick said...

Brandilyn - You are an amazing author with a true God given gift!!! I am so blessed everytime I read your books. I have also gotten my mom hooked on your books. My husband got me the first two books you have written with your daughter and I can't wait to start those!!! Please keep up the great work and thanks for using the gift that God has put into your heart!!
~Jen Frederick~
Sequim, WA

Agnothiest said...

Thanks for posting this, and what I especially appreciated was the link back to the other letter, and your response to that letter. I'm starting on my second novel, and it's much darker than my first, and the main character isn't Christian. He may not even get saved by the end. But he will grow, and he will have spiritual doors opened for him by a 15-year-old girl.

I was beginning to get very concerned with the path I seemed to be taking with this novel. Your response to the first letter showed me that I can do this very dark story, and still honor God. Thanks!