Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 2010 List of Today's Word

Here are the big, beautiful words from November. Anyone want to try making a sentence using at least six of them?

FALCHION (FOL-chun) noun--a broad-bladed slightly curved sword of medieval times. (Creative sentence?) #todaysword

SARTORIAL (sar-TOR-ee-ul) adj.--of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes.

FALCATE (fol-KATE) adj.--hooked or curved like a sickle; used of the moon when less than half is illuminated.

ENCOMIUM (en-KO-me-um) noun--an often formal expression of warm or high praise.

GAM (GAM) noun--a large or crooked tooth.

MACERATE (MASS-ur-ate) trans. verb--to cause the body to waste away by, or as if by excessive fasting.

ANDROCRACY (an-DROCK-ruh-see) noun--political and social supremacy of men.

AUTOCHTHON (aw-TOK-thun) noun--one supposed to have sprung from the ground of the region he inhabits.

SILVICOLOUS (sil-VICK-uh-lus) adj.--living in or inhabiting woodlands.

NOMOGRAPHY (no-MOG-ruh-fee) noun--the art of or a treatise on drafting laws.

ESURIENT (i-SOOR-ee-ent) adj.--voracious, greedy.

WASTREL (WASTE-rel) noun--something rejected or regarded as imperfect; good-for-nothing.

MORTMAIN (MORT-main) noun--influence of the past regarded as controlling or restricting the present.

JUSSIVE (JUS-ive) adj.--expressing or having the effect of a command.

CONGERIES (KON-jer-ees) noun--collection or mass of entities (as objects, forces, individuals, ideas).

TANTIVY (TAN-ti-vee) adv.--in a headlong dash, at a gallop.

HIEROLOGY (hire-OL-uh-jee) noun--a body of knowledge of sacred things. 

SCARIFY (SCAR-uh-fy) trans. verb--to lacerate the feelings of, censure mercilessly.

VICISSITUDE (vuh-SIS-uh-tood) noun--the quality or state of being changeable or in flux; an accident of fortune. 

PURSY (PUR-see) adj.--made large or self-important with pampering or luxurious living. 

INVEIGH (in-VAY) int. verb--to protest bitterly or violently; complain vehemently.

JANIZARY (JAN-uh-zer-ee) noun--member of a group of loyal or subservient troops, officials, or supporters.

UNGUAL (UN-gwul) adj.--of, relating to, or resembling a nail, claw or hoof.

BEMA (BE-muh) noun--part of an early Christian church that contains the altar; sanctuary. 

OBTEST (ob-TEST) trans. verb--to call to witness; invoke as a witness. 

HOODOO (HOO-doo) noun--something that brings or is associated with the occurrence of bad luck. 

PARTURITION (par-dur-ISH-un) noun--the action or process of giving birth to offspring.

EDUCE (e-DYOOS) trans. verb--to bring into manifestation; to arrive at. 

RAMOSE (RAY-mose) adj.--consisting of or having branches or lateral divisions. 

FACTOTUM (fac-TO-dum) noun--a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities.


beemama said...

How is this for a sentence:
The silvicous authochthon inveighed his ability to use the falcate blade of the falchion and obtested others to step forward and validate his claim.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Brava for taking up the challenge, Beemama. :]

Linda B said...

Sorry to be a day late:
The duke, dressed in sartorial splendor, piled encomiums on his factotum Cedric, who had used his falcate falchion to educe a surrender from the silvicolous hermit who habitually inveighed against the duke’s rule, using language that scarified his listeners and sent them running through the ramose paths of the forest to escape his diatribes.

Anonymous said...

The factotum of the bema was the hierology embodied solely in one man, and at all times during the day janizaries would come to him and add to his congeries of wealth while they would macerated themselves at will all with the hope of receiving one little enconium, unaware of how they added to the esurient, pursy character of his idolized leader.