Monday, November 01, 2010

October 2010 List of Today's Word

Here's the list of cool words from the past month. I particularly like mendacious, galumph, zaftig, nescient, paralogize, and recondite. Anyone want to take a stab at creating a sentence using at least six of these very fine words? Go for it.

MENDACIOUS (men-DAY-shus) adj.--given to deception or falsehood; having a false or lying character.

GALUMPH (guh-LUMPF) int. verb--to move or progress with a clumsy, bumping, thudding, or heavy tread.

CHEF D'OEUVRE (shay-DUHR-vruh) noun--a masterpiece especially in art or literature.

OPEROSE (AH-per-ose) adj.--wrought with labor; requiring or involving effort. 

BASINET (base-en-ET) noun--a light, often pointed steel helmet originally open and worn under the battle helmet.

ZAFTIG (ZOF-tig) adj.--having a full, rounded figure; pleasingly plump.

AUSCULTATE (OS-kul-tate) trans. verb--to examine by use of the stethoscope.

DRUPE (DROOP) noun--fruit having a hard endocarp, fleshy mesocarp, and thin epicarp like a skin (as a peach).

LUSTRAL (LUS-trul) adj.--of, relating to, or used for purification.

KIBLAH (KIB-lah) noun--direction of the shrine in Mecca toward which Muslims turn in ritual prayer.

CISMONTANE (SIS-mon-tane) adj.--situated on the nearer side of any mountains. 

FALDSTOOL (FALD-stool) noun--a stool or small desk at which one kneels during devotions.

IMPETRATE (IM-pe-trate) trans. verb--to obtain by request or entreaty; to ask for.

NESCIENT (NE-shent) adj.--exhibiting or characterized by lack of knowledge or awareness. 

FARCI (FAR-see) noun--a stuffed dish (as a roast or fowl).

PALIMPSEST (PAL-emp-sest) noun--manuscript in which one or two erased writings are found. 

ENATIC (ee-NAT-ik) adj.--descended from the same mother; related on the mother's side.

CORM (KORM) noun--rounded thick underground stem base bearing membranous scaly leaves or buds.

LEMMA (LEM-uh) noun--the argument or theme of a composition prefixed as a title or introduction.

PARALOGIZE (puh-RAL-o-gize) int. verb--reason falsely; draw conclusions not warranted by the premises.

RECONDITE (REH-cun-dite) adj.--very difficult to understand and beyond the reach of ordinary comprehension.

VIGESIMAL (vy-JES-uh-mul) adj.--based on the number twenty.

IMBRICATION (im-bri-CA-shun) noun--an overlapping especially of tiles or shingles.

POLTROON (pol-TROON) noun--a spiritless coward; a mean-spirited wretch.

UNFILIAL (un-FILL-ee-ul) adj.--not observing the obligations of a child to a parent.

SUB ROSA (sub RO-zuh) adv.--without publicity or notice.

PELERINE (pel-ur-EEN) noun--a woman's narrow cape of fabric or fur usually with long ends hanging down in front.

DIMORPHIC (di-MOR-fik) adj.--occurring in two distinct forms; combining qualities of two kinds of individuals.

DERELICTION (dare-uh-LIK-shun) noun--an intentional abandonment; a recession of water (as the sea).

KATZENJAMMER (KAT-sen-jam-ur) noun--nausea, headache and debility that often follow dissipation or drunkenness.

RUM (RUM) adj.--unusually fine; characterized by queerness, peculiarity or unusualness.

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Anonymous said...

At the sound of the muezzins, Abdul ceased patching the imbrication on the roof of the cismontane palace and, ignoring that poltroon of a brother of his, faced the direction of kiblah, and though the sun beat upon his head exacerbating his katzenjammer, a remnant of the previous night's antics, he couldn't help a feeling of pride that although he and his brother were both of a enatic relationship, at least he was loyal to Islam instead of turning to that mendacious religion of Christianity.


P.S. Just so there's no misunderstanding, these are not my personal views on religion. These large words just worked better for me here.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Brava, Kara!!

Linda B said...

Sorry to be so late with this!

The zaftig Mrs. Brown galumphed across the parking lot, her pelerine flapping in the wind as she tried to catch the mendacious poltroon who had started the whole rum series of events with his recondite discourse on the benefits of unfilial behavior, even to the point of dereliction of duty toward them in their senectitude.