Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March '10 List of Today's Word

It's interesting--whenever I travel to conferences (as I just did) so many people tell me, "I really enjoy your Today's Word." Glad to hear that. It's also fun on my Facebook page to see what sentences people make of the word every day. So if you found a great word this past month and have already forgotten it--here's the list to prod your memory. All past monthly lists are archived here under Craft and Industry Posts.

Anyone up to creating a sentence using at least six of these words?

PSITTACISM (SID-uh-SiZ-um) noun--automatic speech without thought or the meaning of the words spoken.

STERNUTATION (STERN-yuh-TAY-shun) noun--the act or noise of sneezing.

IGNESCENT (IG-nes-unt) adj.--capable of emitting sparks; inflammatory or volatile.

TROPOLOGY (troh-POL-uh-jee) noun--a figurative mode of speech or writing.

GRABBLE (GRAB-ul) intrans. verb--to grope; to lie or fall prone.

ELDRITCH (EL-dritch) adj.--weird, eerie, uncanny.

MEGRIM (MEE-grum) noun--a migraine; vertigo; a random or unbidden thought/feeling.

EXANIMATE (ex-AN-i-mut) adj.--lacking in animation; appearing lifeless.

CACOGRAPHY (ka-KAW-gru-fee) noun--bad handwriting; bad spelling.

PHILIPPIC (fuh-LIP-ik) noun--a discourse or declamation full of acrimonious invective, a tirade.POLYGLOT (PAHL-ee-GLOT) noun--one who speaks several languages; a mixture or confusion of languages.

ASPERSE (uh-SPURS) trans. verb--to attack one's reputation with foul reports or false charges.

CORUSCANT (kuh-RUS-kunt) adj.--glittering, sparkling.

ACIDULATE (uh-CID-yu-LATE) trans. verb--to make acid or acidic.

LENITIVE (LEN-uh-tiv) adj.--alleviating pain or acrimony, soothing.

THRENODY (THREN-uh-dee) noun--a song, poem or speech of lamentation for the dead.

INTENERATE (in-TEN-uh-RATE) trans. verb--to make tender or sensitive, to soften.

SAPONACEOUS (SAP-uh-NAY-shus) adj.-resembling soap; liable to slip away--ingratiating but evasive.

NIVEOUS (NIV-ee-us) adj.--of or relating to snow; resembling snow.

RHONCHUS (RONG-kus) noun--a rattling sound like snoring, caused by partially blocked air channels.

APOSIOPESIS (AP-uh-SI-uh-PEE-sus) noun--the sudden breaking off of a thought in writing or speech.

COLUBRINE (KAL-yuh-brine) adj.--relating to, or similar to a snake.

GLABROUS (GLAY-brus) adj.--have a smooth, even surface; having hairless skin.

FULIGINOUS (FYU-lij-uh-nus) adj.--relating to or containing soot; having the color of soot.

RIDENT (RI-dunt) adj.--broadly smiling.

INUNCTION (in-NUNG-shun) noun--act of applying an oil/ointment on the skin for therapeutic purposes.

NOVATION (no-VAY-shun) noun--the substitution of a new legal obligation for an old one.
(DAW-go) adv.--slang. Quietly, especially in concealment. Typical use: to lie doggo.

SUBFUSC (sub-fusk) adj.--having little brightness or appeal. Drab, dingy.

VILIPEND (VIL-uh-PEND) verb--to treat as of small worth or account; to speak of disparagingly.

TRADUCE (tra-DYUS) trans. verb--to shame or blame by uttering falsehoods; to make a mock of.

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Hiram, his voice gone but still able to use a pen, began to asperse both me and John as only the subfusc polygot could: in a calumniating philippic, and no matter how I tried to intenerate his ignescent tropology in front of John, he continued vilipend us both.


Anonymous said...

he continued to vilipend us both, sorry