Monday, July 26, 2010

We'll Take the Pink Bathtub

Today I'm flying home from our annual family reunion in Kentucky. Being with my mom (going on 94) and my three sisters, plus extended family, is so much fun. Every year we try to come up with some different way to take the Mom/Daughters photo. Last year it was the toilets. Not sure we'll ever top that one.

Then my neice and her husband told us they were redoing their old bathroom--which was pink. They'd already torn everything out, including the pink bathtub. Said bathtub was carted to the ReStore in Nicholasville, a Habitat for Humanity home thrift store. So we decided to troop over to the store and see if they'd allow us to take some pictures in the bathtub.

I showed up with a book for the gal behind the counter. She's a suspense reader, so she was happy. "Go right ahead," she told us. We promised her we'd put everything back when we were done. And we proceeded to set up our photos, despite any strange looks from other shoppers. Of course each shot took some time to set up. Fortunately Mom is spry at 93, and with some help was able to get in and out of the small tub. So, without further ado, I present the sequence of set-up and final shots. You can see we had a little laughter along the way.

Setup and Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Anybody have any ideas for next year?


Kathy C. said...

Hard to top toilets and bathtubs. Maybe you could shove everyone in a VW bug??? Phone booth? Sit on the edge of the roof, feet hanging over?

Just fniished Rayne #3 that you signed to me at ICRS. Good read as always. Also Deceit. You weren't signing that but you gave me a copy you had with you.

Mandy said...

How fun! I'm not sure how you top a pink bathtub funny!

Karen said...

You just have toooooo much fun! Reminds me of my in-laws. My MIL is about to turn 90 and is relearning how to jump rope. Scary.

Richard Mabry said...

Hmmm. Toilets, bathtub, I sense a theme here. However, I'm hesitant to pursue it. I may whisper it in your ear at ACFW, though.

Deborah Raney said...

I think it's gotta be singing in the shower (with the shower turned ON, of course!) Don't you? LOVED seeing these pics! You guys are a hoot!

Nicole said...

Oh yeah: fun, fun, fun.

Deb's right. Gotta find a shower stall.

Edwina said...

What fun you, your sisters and mom have! What a blessing it is that your mom is so mobile at her age.

Since the theme loosely relates to water, if you don't do the shower stall next year, I suggest the submarine!

Anonymous said...

I have a few ideas, although they don't really follow your theme, they might be a lot of fun.

You could get your photo taken on a roller coaster, or use the shells of old television sets (think old cartoons where they would hide in the tv). I had one more, but I lost it. Maybe it'll come back to me later.