Wednesday, September 01, 2010

August 2010 List of Today's Word

Any brave soul care to try using at least six of these in a sentence?
CALEFY (KAL-uh-fy) trans. verb--to make warm.

ARGENTINE (AR-jen-tine) adj.--relating to, containing, or resembling silver. 

FRIVOL (FRI-vul) int. verb--to act frivolously.

LOGY (LO-gee) adj.--marked by sluggishness and lack of vitality; lacking resilience. 

PANEGYRIC (pan-uh-JI-rick) noun--a eulogistic oration or writing; a formal or elaborate eulogy. 

EDENTULOUS (ee-DEN-chu-lus) adj.--lacking teeth; having lost teeth previously present.

HOLUS-BOLUS (HO-lus-BO-lus) adv.--all at once; altogether.

YAWP (YOP) int. verb--to make a raucous noise.

DIRDUM (DUR-dum) noun--uproar, fuss; rebuke, scolding; a piece of bad luck. 

SETACEOUS (se-TAY-shus) adj.--set with or consisting of bristles; resembling a bristle.

OBVIATE (OB-vee-ate) trans. verb--to meet or anticipate and dispose of; make unnecessary.

PAWKY (PAW-key) adj.--artfully shrewd.

KICKSHAW (KICK-shaw) noun--a fancy dish in cookery; something elegant but trifling.

WAMBLE (WAHM-bul) int. verb--to feel nausea; to move unsteadily or with a weaving or rolling motion.

GLAUCOUS (GLAW-kus) adj.--of a pale yellow green color.

PROGENITOR (pro-JEN-ed-ur) noun--an ancestor in the direct line; a biologically ancestral form. 

PERCIPIENT (per-SIP-ee-unt) adj.--capable of or characterized by perception. 

ANIMADVERSION (anuh-mad-VER-zhun) noun--criticism that is usually adverse and prompted by hostility. 

BEDIZEN (beh-DIZE-un) trans. verb--to dress or adorn with gaudy and meretricious vulgarity.

EMOLUMENT (eh-MOL-yuh-ment) noun--profit or perquisites from office, employment, or labor. 

IDIOPATHIC (id-ee-uh-PATH-ik) adj.--peculiar to the individual.

ZOANTHROPY (zo-AN-thru-pe) noun--monomania in which a person believes himself changed into an animal. 

IMPONE (im-PONE) trans. verb--to put upon, impose. 

FULGURATION (ful-gyu-RA-shun) noun--the act or process of flashing like lightning. 

TOSSPOT (TOSS-pot) noun--drunkard, sot.

VILIPEND (VIL-uh-pend) trans. verb--to hold or treat as of small worth or account. 

COMITY (KAH-muh-dee) noun--kindly courteous behavior; friendly civility.

MELISMA (mi-LIZ-muh) noun--a group of notes or tones sung on one syllable in plainsong. 

ERUCT (i-RUCT) trans. verb--to bring up (gas) from the stomach by belching.

RACKLE (RACK-ul) adj.--impetuous, headstrong.

PARURE (pah-ROO-er) noun--a matched set of jewelry or other ornaments worn together.
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I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

Linda B said...

The edentulous tosspot yawped and eructed repulsively and his complexion took on a glaucous hue, as he wambled down the street bedizened with a gaudy argentine parure.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Yo, Linda, waytago!