Thursday, November 04, 2010

Inventive Ways to Sign E-Books

When I was on book tour this past summer I was asked to sign a Kindle. My loyal reader had come prepared with a black marker that I could use to write her a message and leave my John Hancock on the back of the device.

Well, I suppose that'll work once in awhile. But what's going to happen to the book tour signings as e-books become more and more popular? Some folks are inventing clever ways for authors to sign e-books. One involves actual writing, which is then delivered via e-mail to the device. The other way allows the reader to take a picture with the author, which is sent to the device.

The full article and explanations are here on the Publishing Perspectives blog. Very interesting. I encourage you to click over and read it. See what the future holds.


Southern-fried Fiction said...

The reader could also start a scrapbook of autographs. They can copy the book cover from Amazon, print it, and then place a signed book plate next to it.

After all, they ca't get many autographs on the back of a Kindle. :) And storing photos takes up reading room.

No, Im for a fancy scrapbook. One that can be kept on a coffee table to show off. ;)

Sue Harrison said...

I like Ane's scrapbook idea! Super.