Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Life's Too Short Not to Bling

I admit it--I'm a bling chick. When I'm doddering at 90, you wait--my cane will be blinged out. Sunglasses too.

So out of the goodness of my heart, and since Christmas is coming, I'm passing on my bling secret to you. Check out These folks deal in Swarokski crystals, which are the best and blingiest. (And therefore more expensive, but hey--whatever gal you're buying for, including yourself, she's worth it.) They sell earrings, sunglasses, watches, chokers, mirrors, flip flops, purses, bracelets, necklaces, pill boxes, rings, and on and on. Select the item and style you want--then you get to choose from over 80 colors. These custom-made pieces take about five weeks to arrive, so if you're thinking Christmas, now's the time to order.
Many of you have seen my crustal-studded sunglasses. I have lots of different pairs--one to match any color I wear. Well--here's where ya get 'em. Prices really range. If you really want to splurge, they've got some way cool new designs for $239.99. (Pictured above.) Others sell in the $80 to $90 range and down. Watch for clearance sales, and you can get some for around $35.00.

Earrings come in all sizes and shapes and prices. They've got two-inch dangles for $103.99 and large hoops for $122.99. These are only two of 75 kinds to choose from.

How about a key chain ($79.99)? Or here's a special--a total blinged-out choker (pictured), usually $152.99 now on sale for $98.99. Or a watch for $85.99. If you don't like that watch, they've got over 21 pages of the things to choose from.

Check out office gifts like pens, mini staplers, calculators, etc. here.

And for the girl who has everything, how about a crystal-studded license plate frame for $49.99. Now that is chic. :]

I once had a problem with an order and called up the folks at jcbling. Nice, nice people. They totally fixed the problem, plus we had a great chat.

Here's their color chart.

If you order something, tell 'em Brandilyn sent ya. (And no, I'm not getting kickbacks.)


Edwina said...

We are definitely soul sisters! I am the Queen of Bling - love it! Thanks for sharing the site - on my way there now!!

Andra M. said...

Not a blingy person myself, but I know a few ladies who would love something from there. At the very least it looks like a fun place to shop.


Deleted due to hackers... said...

How cool...

Everyone at work teases me because I wear different colored perscription glasses to match my outfit.

I would like to add the bling, though.