Thursday, March 19, 2009

November '08 List of "Today's Word"

In catching up to date with our Today's Word lists, I'm running this first one from November '08, which marked my first month on Twitter. On November 17 I started "Today's Word." Here is the list for the rest of that month.
ONIOMANIA. (oh-nee-oh-MAY-nee-uh)Obsessive, intense urge to shop.

ABDERIAN. (ab-DER-i-un) Inclined to laughter or excessive merriment. From Abdera, home of Democritus, the Laughing Philosopher.

LARES AND PENATES-- (LAH-reez and pen-A-teez) treasured household possessions. From names of Roman house and hearth gods.

CALLIPYGIAN-- (kal-i-PIJ-ee-un)having well-shaped buttocks. From KALLI, form of KALLOS (beauty) and PYG (rump)

ONYCHOPHAGIA--Habit of nailbiting. (On-i-KO-phu-gee-a) From ONYCHO--nail, PHAGIA--eating

PYKNIC (PIK-nic)--Short and thickset. From Greek PYKNOS--compact, solid.

QUIDNUNC (KWID-nunk)--A busybody who's not careful of the facts. From Latin "quid nunc?"--what now?

QUALTAGH (KWAL-tog)--the first person you meet after leaving your house.

TACHYPHAGIA (tak-i-PHAY-gee-a)--Rapid eating.

VENTRIPOTENT (ven-TRI-pu-tunt)--Big bellied, gluttonous. From Latin VENTER-stomach POTENT-powerful

FARCTATE--Stuffed full, filled up.

THELEMIC (thu-LE-mic)--Having the philosophy of "do whatever you will." From Greek THELEMA-will.

STEATOPYGIC (stee-at-u-PI-gic)--Very fat buttocks. From STEATO Gr. PUGE--rump.

TARANTISM (TEAR-un-tizm)--uncontrollable urge to dance, thought to come from tarantula bite. From city of Taranto in Italy.

Anybody wanna a try a sentence using a few of these babies? Come on, betcha can use more than five.
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Anonymous said...

I have the worst traits of abderian during funerals and onychophagia during church sermons; however, I don't possess the habits of tachyphagia or tarantism, and I do NOT hold the thelemic philosophy.

(Gasp, gasp.) I think an editor would kill me if I used a sentence like this in a book. : )

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Waytago, Hannah! Maybe we oughtta start a new fun trend. Bury one sentence using 4-5 of Today's Words somewhere in your manuscript. Give your editor a chance to have a heart attack. :]

Blinky St. James said...

I am unfortunate enough to have onychophagia, although physically I do not have a callipygian rump, nor is it steatopygic.

Aw, only three. :P Although our chi LulaBelle is pyknic.